Monday, December 29, 2008

Moving on up

Up to Mississippi that is. As soon as Christmas passed the packing began in earnest. The POD was delivered right on time the day after Christmas and we started loading up. It's gone very well so far and now we're down to just having to pack up the kitchen cabinets and one bathroom.

Here's the POD on the drivway in front of the house. It was really cool watching them deliver it. I had visions of them having to tilt it to get it off the truck onto the ground and didn't see how I was going to keep the furniture from sliding around. The way they do it is really cool but hard to explain. The truck carries a sort of skeleton vehicle that sort of surrounds the pod and supports is at four points from below so that it goes up and down nice and evenly. It looks to be adjustable every which way, somebody did some real creative thinking with that one.

Here is the partially loaded POD sometime early yesterday I think, maybe the day before. It's all kind of mushed together. It is MUCH fuller now. I thought we would not be filling it but we will be getting it quite full. It's a very good thing that I took as much as I did one pick-up truck load at a time for the last year and a half when I went to visit. If I'd taken any less stuff we'd have had a problem.

The packing should be finished by tomorrow night and Wednesday they will come pick the POD up. We leave here on Saturday and will drive straight through. Connie and Caylith (the cat) will be in the toyota and I'll take the pick up. She is not looking forward to driving for 14 hours but she'll do fine. It's a one shot deal for her. I've done it on average every 4 -6 weeks for a year and a half or more.

We need to be up there on Sunday because... hold onto your hats...


That was supposed to be the dolphin's teal green :) I can't believe that they went from 1 and 15 last year to 11-5 and in the playoffs this year! I can wear my dolphins stuff out in public now and not face (deserved) ridicule. I may be moving out of Florida but I will remain a Dolphins Fan!

I'll also be glad to get to a place that isn't HOT all the time. We had record heat for Christmas. It was like 83 or so here. That is just WRONG! I don't expect a white Christmas but is it too much to ask to be able to wear long pants and a long sleeved shirt? No problem with that in Northern Mississippi that time of year!

Ok time to get back to work... I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas...take care ya'll.

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This POD thing looks quite interesting and not ugly on the outside although I guess the outside doesn't really matter. It looks fairly level and easier to load than a U-Haul truck. However there is NO way I would ever get all my junk in that. I would need atleast 10 POD'S. Since I last moved 29 years ago maybe there is something to moving every few years to keep ahead of the junk. Good luck on your move.