Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another year older

Well I survived another birthday. Despite what my outdated info on this blog says i'm now 52. I still don't feel old really, most of the time. When life hits me which it is doing more lately as you can tell from the previous post then I feel old but I would if I was 20 also.

I had to spend the day alone because Connie has to be in Orlando for several months for work. We're just so glad that they found even temp assignment for her for a few months that neither of us minds. Besides I think the stress of the whole mess was starting to have us getting on each other's nerves.

I did go to play poker and the other players went along with my plan that I get to win on my birthday so that was nice. LOL maybe I'll tell 'em it's my birthday all the time. Anyway, yes, I'm still playing poker when I can find a decent game and still doing well. I think my play has gotten better.

My overall feeling lately is that life still sucks but it does have good parts, they're just hard to find. I think I'll go back to Azeroth for a's sort of like Cheers...a place where everybody knows your name and life doesn't suck too bad.

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