Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thirteen Months Later

Actually I thought it had been longer since I posted here than the thirteen months, almost to the day, that it has been. A lot has gone on.

I took a foray into Facebook and found I don't like it and that it doesn't suit my needs.

I also got hooked on World of Warcraft. I can thank my son for that, he's the one who finally talked me into trying it. I absolutely love it. It's been a bit of a lifesaver recently too. It's one of those things though that I suspect you either understand or you don't and if you don't you're sure i'm nuts. Of course that has never bothered me at all....I know I'm nuts.

I need an outlet right now and facebook was too public. This has the disadvantage of being something that Connie reads only I doubt she looks for it and I cut off having it mailed out to anyone. If anyone reads it they will have had to look for it. That is perfect.

A bit ago Connie's second project in six months got cut off with no notice by Mr. Obama who is swiftly gutting the defense department. Still think he's not dangerous? Think again. Anyway her company does not seem to really be helping her with re-deployment, they say the words but there are no discernable actions behind them.

The thing I'm upset about is that I see our retirement going totally down the tubes and there is almost literally nothing I can do about it. I always said I wanted to save as much as it would take to avoid being one of these old geezers working bagging groceries. I was under the impression we were doing that. Turns out I should have kept a closer eye on our finances as Connie had different plans than the ones I thought we had. Of course there are all sorts of things she doesn't tell me. Ok so I get upset sometimes but it's just because I care and besides I find out anyway and then get more upset so the logic there escapes me.

Anyway I see, in the not too distant future, me bagging groceries, figurtively if not literally. That is IF I can even find a job.

Right now this journey to find happiness is on a major detour headed nowhere fast. Life sucks right now and frankly if it ended now that would be ok with's been making me think....

And now that I've vented I'll sign off for....well who knows how long...maybe forever...hope ya'll are doing better than I am, I know lots of people aren't and I'm sorry for that.


Silverdoe said...

I went looking!

Bill said...

Cool! Thanks for checking in!