Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Weekend going

I thought I'd write and not whine for once. Doesn't really matter since as near as I can tell Facebook has pretty much killed off blog readership and my not writing for ages there didn't help of course. I know there are exceptions as evidenced by the one comment I got a while back and I thank you for that :)

Anyway Connie is up for the weekend and we're having a good time. We haven't done anything astounding but none the less it's been nice. Just having somebody to touch and hug is nice. She was even in the mood for a bit more than just that yesterday, yahoo! That is not the only reason i'm in a better mood but it sure helps. I guess 52 is not too old to still want sex. Kinda too bad since my options are real limited now.

We went to the casino and both played poker last night. She did better than I did. I am still on my streak of really nasty suckouts. Several people at the table even commented they'd never seen anyone get sucked out on that badly that much. It happens, it's not fun but all you can do is play through it.

My biggest hand of the night was when, out of frustration, I said I was staying until I went broke or got even and then when I looked at my cards announced a raise. Everybody (and I don't blame them) thought I was on tilt so just about everybody called the raise where normally the way I play everbody folds. I hit two pair on the flop (AK), there were no serious straight or flush draws out and I filled up with another king on the river. I got plenty of action since one guy had pocket queens and so many low limit players just cannot lay down a big pair even when they've been checkraised (ok I did that out of frustration and a sense of revenge since I usually continuation bet after a raise and most times if I check it checks behind me.) Anyway, it was fun. I was frustrated yes but I was nowhere near being on tilt. Hard to get too upset in a 4/8 game really even a really horrible night barely dings my bankroll for more than a couple percent loss. I really wish I could find higher limits but that ain't gonna happen anytime soon around Tunica.

Anyway, enough rambling. The weekend is going well and I'm going back to my weekend. Hope ya'll are having a great one too!

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