Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cruisin' on home...

I'm tired so this will be short but I'm feeling a wee bit of withdrawal having not been able to even think about writing here for over a week now.

We're back from our cruise. It was great as they usually are. It was our fifth trip on the Carnival Glory and probably our last since a year from December they will be pulling the Glory out of Port Canaveral and replacing her with a new ship, the Dream. Of course we won't be living in Orlando and Mobile and New Orleans will both be closer as ports to cruise out of but who knows when and where the next cruise will be. I'm ready to go again now but that's just me. Too bad they aren't free LOL.

We even got an extra half day tacked onto this cruise. On Thursday a crewmember on the ship, a 23 year old woman, developed appendicitis and we had to divert and head toward Puerto Rico to get within range of a US Coast Guard helicopter to medi-evac her off the ship. We cruised for 5 or 6 hours in pretty much the wrong direction... straight south instead of the Northwest heading we'd been on. The helicopter got to the ship around 7:00 pm I guess, in full dark. It was interesting to watch and the Coast Guard did a great job. Oddly this is the second cruise we've been on where somebody had to be evacuated by helicopter. The other time we were not diverted though since we were already within range of a coast guard station I suppose.

All told we got into Port Canaveral about 10 hours late. Usually we count on having all day Saturday to do stuff after getting off a cruise but we didn't even get home until 8PM. Normally that would not matter but we were having a bunch of people over for poker on Sunday so it put a crimp in our prep time.

We got everything done though and had 13 people here tonight. First we watched a poker show on FSN called A friend of ours had won a seat to play on TV six handed for a winner take all prize of $5000. Tonight was the airing of his show. It was fun to watch as this was the first time he'd seen it too so he got to see the hole cards of the other players for the first time. It was even better because it turned out he WON!!! He managed not to tell anyone but we'd kinda guessed that he might have.

We played two mini-tournaments after the show was over and everybody ate too much considering that EVERYBODY brought plenty of food. It worked out well even though we've moved a lot of our furniture to Mississippi already. Instead of telling people "bring your own bottle" we told them "Bring your own chair". How many times do you hear that? LOL

Anyway we're done and everybody is home and I'm beat. We were supposed to leave for Mississippi tomorrow but I didnt' get the truck packed so it's looking like we'll be leaving Tuesday...and yes...we've already voted.

I'll be writing again in a day or two probably, who knows from which 'home'. I'll get caught up on everyone's blogs as soon as possible but it will probably take me until the middle of the week or maybe even next weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.


Robin said...

Hope you will be posting cruise pictures soon, you know I love to see those! said...

How wonderful that your friend won. How on earth did he manage to not spill the beans before everyone saw the show? Did he actually win first prize? How many players were there and how much did he win?