Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just Because

I really don't feel I have anything worth writing about but right now I have nothing else that I need to do very badly and nothing at all else that I want to do but write. Starting a new story or even better working on a couple of ongoing ones would be useful but that's not gonna happen right now, the motivation is just not there. I'm not going to let having nothing to write about stop me though.

What have I been up to? LOL sounds like an assignment for school...now class write about what you did on your vacations...

I've been up to nothing spectacular yet I've stayed very busy. Busy is good right now. It keeps my mind off the world going to hell in a handbasket. My little corner of the world is actually getting better in many ways.

Just today I installed a brand new kitchen faucet. I've wanted one of those ones where the spout comes off and is also the spray thingy. LOL sorry for the technical language, I hope you have some idea what I mean cuz I'm too lazy to go out on the internet and hunt up a photo. Anyway this morning I spent a surprisingly short time installing my brand new faucet. Did it right the first time too, no leaks and no trips to get things I forgot or that they forgot to tell me I needed. Good thing cuz it was raining cats and dogs most of the day and going out to Lowes would have sucked.

The old faucet in this house is better than the old faucet in the house in Orlando and the house in Orlando is slated to get a whole new sink anyway so when I put the new sink in I'll put the faucet I took out here in there. You still with me on that? Horrible sentence structure :) I've been accused of writing in a way that tends to take people's breath away, not because it was exciting but because of my tendency to use long, sometimes run on, sentences with few commas.

ANYWAY...the sink in the house in Orlando that we'll be moving out of is 50 years old and white (well kinda) ceramic. It's stained and scared as you can imagine after 50 years. Replacing this faucet was a piece of cake, it was installed with modern fittings even though the house is around 30 years old. I'm a bit worried about working on the one in Orlando because the sink at least is original to the house. The faucet MUST have been replaced sometime though. I simply can't believe it could be 50 years old and still working. Maybe I got lucky and it's installed with modern fittings and I won't have to upgrade it as I go. Oh well, it's all an adventure.

I've also started on a Christmas gift for my sister in law. I may have mentioned that in a previous post. I've been assured that she does NOT read this (I didnt' think so but it never hurts to check) so I can tell you a bit about it. I found the idea in one or another book of woodworking projects I have. It's called a book house and it's a replica of something from 1925. It's a bookcase meant to go on a table and it looks like a house, hence 'bookhouse'. I've got all the rough pieces cut for sides, back, base and roof. Yesterday one side of it was my first real project that I used my new scroll saw with and it did marvelously even though it was the first time I've used one. It's not perfect but it'll clean up plenty good enough.

This is what one side looks like after being cut out. Obviously it still needs lots of finishing work. Ultimately the whole thing will be painted an off white with blue trim and a red roof. I'll cut the other side out tomorrow probably and then it will be ready to be assembled, there will be cutting and fitting to do yet with the other pieces but they are all just flat pieces of wood so the sides were the hard part. I guess the angles on the roof may be a bit of a challenge too but I've gotten pretty good at getting angles to work out for me on these kinds of things.

I think I've soothed my writing muse for now. Pretty good considering I didn't have anything to write about. I'm sure it's nothing you needed to hear but hey, it's what I've been up to lately along with standard stuff like lawnmowing and things. Still have not played poker again, not sure when I will. I did go to the casino to meet a friend from Orlando Sunday and while I waited for him and his son I played some video poker and finished that $100 ahead. That puts a tiny bit of a bandaid on the bloody mess that is my poker bankroll right now.

Take care ya'll and I'll be back again...whether I have anything to say or not apparently :)


Robin said...

Cool book house...I haven't seen anything like that before. Can't wait to see it all done.

I thougt of you last night when Michael and I were watching a rented movie...it was called "Lucky You" a poker movie and we both thought it was pretty good. Have you seen it? I had to keep asking Michael questions as I know nothing about poker but even so it was still enjoyable. Check it out.

Enjoy the new sink thingy!

Becky said...

last year my Scouts did a book shelf thingy and it was shaped like a pencil....